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Hall of Fame

Jon Baker

Sit down with 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Jon Baker as he shares the greatest lessons he's learned throughout his 30 years in fair management. Currently the Executive Director of the Southwestern Fair Commission dba Pima County Fair, Jon shares his experience rallying his team behind his vision, building lasting relationships with concessionaires, and the importance of visiting other fairs.

Minnesota State Fair
How it Works

Dennis Larson

The Minnesota State Fair sees almost 2 million people over its 12-day run and brings in $47 million in food gross. As License Administration Manager for the Minnesota State Fair, Dennis Larson manages the existing food contracts and determines what new foods will come to the fair each year. So whether you're wondering how milk & cookies are their top-selling item or want an insiders view on how concessionaires are selected at one of the world's largest fairs, join us for our food-themed Thanksgiving episode of the Fair Share podcast.

Out at the Fair

William Zakrajshek
Luis Valdivia

Long before we knew that WZ Productions, LLC would be this year's Barham Award Winner, WFA's Fair Share podcast went to the San Diego County Fair and sat with WZP Owner William Zakrajshek and San Diego County Fair's Multicultural Marketing Specialist Luis Valdivia to discuss Out at the Fair's success in Del Mar. The result? You get to hear firsthand their challenges, wins, and most importantly, how you can connect with resources in your community to ensure everyone feels welcome, safe, and included while enjoying your fairgrounds.

Upcoming Episodes

Hall of Fame - Randy Hatfield

Hall of Fame - Randy Hatfield

Hear 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Randy Hatfield tell of his battle to fund his fair, ultimately passing 'Measure F' on the county's ballot. 
Barham Award - Stilt Circus

Barham Award - Stilt Circus

Join Barham Award recipient Stilt Circus LIVE from WFA's 2017 RECONNECT Convention & Trade Show as Star and the team share their journey to the top, tips for getting booked by fairs, and motivation to master your craft. 
Achievement Awards - How to implement winning ideas at your fair

Achievement Awards - How to implement winning ideas at your fair

Make your morning commute productive with these short sessions where your 2016 Achievement Award winners share their blue ribbon ideas.

Learn what worked, what didn't, and most importantly, how to implement their program at your fair - all in 15 minutes or less!

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