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The WFA Hall of Fame award honors distinguished achievement or outstanding contribution by an individual to the fair industry. Selection of the recipients is made solely by the WFA Board of Governors.
The WFA Board of Governors is not required to select a recipient each year.

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2023 Hall of Fame Inductees

B. Troy Bowers

B. Troy Bowers, retired, has been immersed in the industry as a service member, a chief executive officer, a consultant, a teacher, a mentor, and a board of director. Bowers is being recognized for his contributions to the Fair Industry, including his work as the first electronic data processor for county fairs and junior livestock auctions. Bowers grew up in the fair industry. In many instances, Troy follows in his father, Bates Bowers, footsteps. Bates was a Fair CEO, led WFA as the Chair of the Board in 1965 and was inducted into the Western Fairs Association Hall of Fame in 1980. Troy Bowers took over the helm of the Amador County Fair, Plymouth, CA as CEO in 2007, a few short years before funding for California Fairs ceased to exist.Troy made numerous personal sacrifices to ensure the ongoing viability of his beloved fairgrounds. Bowers has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the California Fairs Alliance and Western Fairs Association, serving as Chair of the Western Fairs Association Board of Directors in 2015. Bowers’ passion for the fair industry serves no bounds. Bowers was recently appointed to the San Juaquin County Board of Directors, and currently serves as the Interim CEO of the San Joaquin County Fair as the Fair Board navigates leadership transition.

Bob Walker

Bob Walker, retired from the Stanislaus County Fair, Turlock, CA, is being recognized for his contributions to the Fair Industry and Western Fairs Association, including his work in establishing the Satellite Wagering Facility Network in California, hosting the first Livestock Judging Conference, and his support in the development of the annual Managers Conference and Board of Directors training, then known as the “Valley Boys meeting”.Walker served as CEO for the Stanislaus County Fair from 1972, retiring in 1995. Walker has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Western Fairs Association in the 70’s, serving as the Chair of the Board in 1982. Walker is currently a consultant and vendor manager, working for several fairs in the Central California region. Most recently Walker served as the Interim CEO at the Merced County Spring Fair in Los Banos, CA.

Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson, retired, is being recognized for his contributions to the Fair industry, culminating with his work at the Napa Valley Exposition, Napa, CA. Anderson has worked at the Napa Valley Exposition where he began as a volunteer in 1987. Anderson officially became an employee of the Napa Valley Expo when he earned the position of entertainment director and exhibit supervisor. Anderson served as the CEO from 2000 through June 2020. Anderson is an exemplary leader, mentor, educator, and Fair CEO. Joe has set the bar for Fair coordination, staff management, and the myriad of details and intricacies of running an event and facility. Joe has been instrumental in providing leadership and guidance for all fairs within WFA’s western region, the California Fair Alliance, and the Western Fairs Association. Anderson has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Western Fairs Association, serving as the Board Chair in 2018. Anderson is currently Chair of the Showcase Committee for Western Fairs Association.

The Western Fairs Association Hall of Fame

2023 - B. Troy Bowers • Bob Walker • Joseph Anderson
2022 - Patricia Conklin
2021 - Dan Jacobs

2020 -
Don Delahoyde • Barbara Quaid
2019 - Pat Kress
2018 - Charlie Barboni • Louie Brown • Norm Towne
2017 - Jon Baker • Randy Hatfield
2016 - Tim Fennell • George Soares
2015 - Paul Beckett • Sandy Woods
2014 - Michael Paluszak • Cotton Rosser
2013 - Rick Pickering
2012 - Ernie Guderjahn • Tawny Tesconi
2011 - Susan Clark • Michael Treacy

2010 - John Alkire • Mark Hill
2009 - Becky Bailey-Findley • Gary Montgomery
2008 - Stephen Chambers • Steve Edwards • Al Mall
2007 - Don Hillman • Doug Lofstrom
2006 - Lucky Henner • Ron Miller
2005 - Earl "Butch" Butler • Selma Harris
2004 - Ed Scofield • Ciro Toma
2003 - Ralph Clark • Beverly Wilson
2002 - Bob Carlson
2001 - Joseph Barkett • Norbert Bartosik

2000 - Jack Scott • Denny Thompson
1999 - Senator Kenneth L. Maddy
1998 - Ron Lillard • Mel Simas
1997 - Albert Morrow • Kim Myrman
1996 - John Root • Sam Johnston
1995 - Lowell A. "Jake" Walgenbach • Greg G. Stewart
1994 - Ted Kasinak • Dr. Conrad Ferreira
1993 - Senator Rose Ann Vuich
1992 - Brian Davie
1991 - Kennth Fulk

1990 -
Don Jacques
1989 - Ester Armstrong
1988 - Evan McGugan • Ralph Hinds
1987 - Andy Stodel
1986 - Senator Ray Johnson
1984 - George J. Gomes
1983 - George W. Strathearn
1982 - Ron Maraviov
1981 - Walt Kittredge

1980 -
Bates T. Bowers
1979 - Joe Blenkle
1977 - M. Ray Harrington • Pauline Davis • Alex Freedman
1973 - Cecil Jo Hindley • Alan L. Milnes • Phil D. Shepherd
1971 - Tulsa St. Elmo Scott

1970 -
C.L. (Link) Peckinpah
1969 - Stuart B. Waite
1968 - Albert A. (Abe) Jensen
1965 - Louis S. Merrill
1964 - Tevis Paine
1963 - Dr. Julian McPhee

1959 -
Ed L. Paine
1958 - Tom Dodge
1957 - George N. Miller
1955 - George A. Clarke
1953 - Ed G. Vollman • Dr. J.N.D. Hindley • C.B. Afflerbaugh

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