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Membership of the Western Fairs Association is comprised of fairs and fair-related businesses throughout the western United States and Canada.
  • Affiliate Members: Nonprofit associations, educational institutions and other industry-related groups.
  • Fairs: More than 120 of the finest fairs in North America are represented, including 74 member fairs operating under California statute, more than 50 associate fairs and over 800 fair board directors.
  • Festivals and Special Events: Major festivals, jubilees, fiestas and other special events are included in this category.
  • Service Members: Over 450 of the best fair-related professionals. The five primary membership divisions are: Carnivals, Commercial Exhibits, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, and Services & Suppliers.

Standards of Membership

These standards were developed by the membership of WFA and the Industry Standards Committee, and were adopted by the WFA Board of Directors on January 27, 1991.

We refer to these principles as P.R.E.P.

  • Patrons: WFA members' first responsibility is to the patrons and communities they serve
  • Respect: WFA members respect each other as professionals and maintain open and honest communication
  • Ethical: WFA members conduct themselves in a responsible business-like manner and are accountable to each other
  • Participate: WFA members actively participate in programs for the betterment of the industry

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