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The Western Fairs Association is honored to present annual awards to the best in our industry.
  • Hall of Fame: Presented to an individual whose dedicated efforts have enriched the tradition of fairs and encouraged the professionalism of the industry as a whole.
  • Barham Award: Presented in remembrance of Hot Dog on a Stick Founder, Dave Barham, and recognizes innovation, quality and leadership in the field of service.
  • Merrill Award: Named in honor of Western Fairs Association Founder, Louis Merrill, and is given for those entries that clearly demonstrate innovation, vision and excellence.
  • Achievement Awards: More than 50 fairs throughout the western United States and Canada participate in this program.
  • Blue Ribbon Award: This industry recognition program allows member fairs to show their appreciation of individuals or organizations who have volunteered their time and energy in support of their fair.
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