Keynote Speakers

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Keynote Speakers

Kim Becking

Monday, January 16th, 10:00 AM
Opening Session

Build a Momentum Mindset: How To Be More Adaptable, Resilient and Ready for What’s Next in a Rapidly Changing World

Change, uncertainty and disruption are guaranteed – especially now. But growth and progress are not. How you deal with this ever-changing uncertain stressful world is completely up to you. You have a choice. You can stay stuck or develop a Momentum Mindset® so that you can become more adaptable, resilient and ready for what’s next.

Kim shares her own stories of adaptability and resilience in life and business with healthy doses of vulnerability, humor, and motivation and will share how to use resilience to not only navigate and cope during change and uncertainty but build a Momentum Mindset where you develop the adaptability and resilience muscles needed to push past limited thinking and use challenges, change and uncertainty as the fuel needed to propel you forward–stronger and better.

Leave this program equipped with the tools you need to transform your mindset to think differently, conquer change and challenges, reduce stress and overwhelm and create the everyday resilience required in this rapidly changing world to cultivate an adaptable and resilient mindset for you and those you lead no matter what.

Noah Cappe

Tuesday, January 17th, 11:00 AM
General Session

As a friend and fan of the Fair Industry, international TV personality Noah Cappe joins Western Fairs Association as we celebrate our 100 th Convention! Noah will join us on Tuesday to share the behind-the-scenes of his hit show “Carnival Eats” - how it came to be, stories from the set, highlights from the road, and some of his favorite Fair moments. Get ready for a celebrity appearance sure to inspire your 2023 season!

Stephen Chambers

Wednesday, January 18th, 11:00 AM
General Session

Former Western Fairs Association Executive Director, Stephen Chambers shares decades of WFA leadership experience us as we reflect on the past 100 years of Western Fairs Association.

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