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Blue Ribbon Foundation Auction Donation Form

Support a good cause and have fun doing it!
Promote your business or region

Contact Information

Used to send a copy of your receipt.

Donation Information

Name of person/business to be published in program
If possible, email photo to
Item Suggested For:


Mail or Delivery

Mail donated item with a copy of this form to:

Western Fairs Association
attn: Blue Ribbon Foundation
1776 Tribute Rd., Suite 210
Sacramento, CA 95815

Item must be received by December 15 or delivered to the Convention registration desk in Reno.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation underwrites two $2,500 Scholarships each year. One for the child or grandchild of a WFA member fair related business (Service Member) and one for the child or grandchild of WFA member Fair staff.

Applications open mid-November and close early March each year.

Follow the Western Fairs Association Facebook Page for details.

If you wish to download a hard copy of this form instead of completing it online, you can download the auction form here.

We will do our best to match items with donors and provide recognition to donors. For best results, print out your receipt and attach it to the item you are mailing/dropping off. Incomplete forms and items without completed forms attached may not be properly recognized/displayed.

Donations to the Blue Ribbon Foundation Auction may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the Blue Ribbon Foundation. DONORS: Fair Market Value of item. BUYERS: Contributions made in excess of the Fair Market Value of the item purchased.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation Auction Committee reserves the right to determine which items will be featured in the Live or Silent auctions at their sole discretion.
1776 Tribute Road, Suite 210, Sacramento, California 95815 phone: (916) 927-3100
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