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is a long-standing WFA partner providing processing services to Fairs and Expositions, their vendors and exhibitors. We work with all sizes of fairs and customize to your specific needs with rental and seasonal programs all backed by our unmatched customer service.

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Ask the team at Fair Payment Processing by UMS Banking!

Contact Suzanne or Daniel at (866) 535-3477

Meet WFA partner Fair Payment Processing by UMS Banking

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Proudly Serving


  • Alameda County Fair
  • California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta
  • Cow Palace
  • Eastern Idaho State Fair
  • Eastern Montana Fair
  • Los Angeles County Fair
  • Napa County Fair
  • Napa Valley Expo
  • OC Fair & Event Center
  • San Mateo County Fair
  • Santa Barbara County Fair
  • Siskiyou Golden Fair
  • Sonoma-Marin Fair
  • Temecula Valley Family Fair
  • Ventura County Fair
  • Washington County Fair Complex
  • Western Idaho Fair

  • Atascadero Wine Festival
  • Barbera Festival Food/Tickets
  • Bear Valley Music Festival
  • Cajun & Blues Festival
  • City of Santa Clarita-Cowboy Festival
  • Don’t Knock the Rock Film and Music Festival
  • Festival of Trees
  • Festival Opera
  • Great Alaska Music Festival
  • Greek Orthodox Church Festival
  • International Lobster Festivals
  • Lancaster Festival
  • Mariposa Butterfly Festival
  • Napa Valley Art & Music Festival
  • National Peanut Festival & Fair
  • Noceti Group, Inc.-Asparagus Festival
  • Pacific Fine Arts Festival
  • Peninsula Rhythm and Blues Festival
  • Pomegranate Festival
  • Rebozo Festival
  • Riverside County National Date Festival Auction
  • San Clemente Ocean Festival
  • Silver Lake Film Festival
  • St. Anne’s Harvest Festival
  • St Barbara Greek Festival
  • Stockton Asparagus Festival
  • Strauss Festival of Elk Grove, Inc.
  • Sundial Film Festival
  • The Phat Festival
  • Water Music Festival Society
  • WSI Kite Festival

Increasing Revenue by Building a Smart Payments Package

Increasing Revenue by Building a Smart Payments Package

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Payment Processing - Evaluating a Payment Processor

Payment Processing - Evaluating a Payment Processor

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