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The WFA Board of Directors approves the establishment of committees and their functions. The chair and members are appointed by the president and approved by the board. Each committee has its specific responsibility and objective, and is required to report action and recommendations directly to the board at its next regular meeting. While all committees have specific responsibilities, participation from the membership is required for the success of any program.

If you are interested in participating on a WFA committee, contact the WFA office

Achievement Awards Committee

The Achievement Awards Committee refines and updates the Achievement Awards program on an annual basis, and preserves and archives the awards to provide as a resource for the fair industry.

Committee Chair
Tiffany Burrow, Alameda County Fair

Ag Education Committee

The Ag Education Committee's purpose is to identify areas where education and/or advocacy needs to occur in regards to animal exhibits, animal attractions and agriculture education. They are tasked with presenting the Professional Development committee with suggested programming by March of each year for the annual convention that will enhance the education of WFA's membership in regards to the areas mentioned above.

Within the Ag Education Committee there are two subcommittees: Animal Agriculture and Animal Attraction. These subcommittees will help ensure that issues relating to these programs receive the attention needed and assist in advocacy and outreach in regards

to any issues that may arise.

Committee Chair
Kady Porterfield, Kittitas Valley Event Center

Animal Agriculture Subcommittee
Chair Kady Porterfield, Kittitas Valley Event Center

Animal Attraction Subcommittee
Chair Pamela Jeager, Great American Entertainment Company

Industry Standards Committee

The Industry Standards Committee reviews industry issues, particularly with respect to fair management, joint power authorities and service members with a goal of problem solving and creating mutually approved best business standards. The committee will work closely with NICA West, the California Fair Services Authority, California Authority of Racing Fairs, California Fairs Alliance and the Professional Development Committee.

Committe Chair
Corey Oakley, Helm & Sons Amusements

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee develops programs to enhance and foster executive development of fair board directors, chief executive officers and fair management throughout the industry, as well as mentors and directs the training for fair board directors.

Committee Chair
Carlene Moore, San Diego County Fair

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee oversees the educational programs and materials produced by WFA. It works with staff to set educational program content for the fall management conference, the annual convention and other special programs.

Committee Chair
Kelly Larson, Alaska State Fair

Blue Ribbon Foundation Development Team

The Blue Ribbon Foundation Development Team supports WFA's charitable arm by organizing the Live & Silent Auctions at the annual convention.

Committee Chair
Robin Hauck, DRH & Company

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