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Go West Convention Schedule

Wednesday, January 3

8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Registration Open
Platinum Ballroom Foyer

10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
IAFE – Institute of Fair Management Course
Relationships – Reputation – Return: How Public Relations Really Works
IFM #220
Grand Ballroom Salon G
Brienna Schuette, President, Moxie & Drive Marketing

Explore the process and learn techniques to effectively manage public and media relations. This instructor-led course provides an introduction to the processes of: creating public relations plans; writing for media; dealing with reporters, producers and editors; managing an organization’s reputation; and coordinating programs, campaigns and announcements. Discover why public and media relations are important, what makes something newsworthy, how news is created, and where social media fits into it all. Learn how these principles apply specifically to fairs, expositions and industry-related businesses.

12:30 – 2 p.m.
Leadership Luncheon &
Merrill Award Finalist Presentations
Grand Ballroom Salon E
Advance Ticket Required

Want to get more out of your WFA membership? This luncheon is your chance to gain an inside perspective on the numerous facets of the Western Fairs Association. Join WFA President Joe Anderson along with President-Elect Patricia Conklin for a preview of the year ahead and a review of 2017. Hear reports from each committee, then decide how you'd like to get more involved! Plus, learn from the best as the 2017 Merrill Award Finalists present their industry-leading projects.
2:15 - 5:15 p.m.
Business Planning as a Tool to Weather Economic Conditions
Grand Ballroom Salon H & J
Becky Bailey-Findley, Executive Director, CFSA; Gary Findley, Gary Steven Findley & Associates

A business plan is essential to every organization. It is a process that provides an opportunity to get everyone pointed in the same direction, each with a clear idea of their role and the focused priorities of the business. Business planning is essential for fairs as well as Service Members. This session will address best practices for fairs, vendors, concessionaires and other fair-related business to develop business related plans that emphasizes key factors for success. It's time to stop chronic business firefighting and apply the disciplined thinking required to analyze business conditions and strategically plan business development for immediate operations and for long-term growth and development of the business.

This session is suitable for fair executives, Board members, and Service Members.
2:15 – 3:30 p.m.

Social Media Hacks
OC Ballroom Salon 1
Angel Moore, Marketing & Communications Manager,
Alameda County Fair

Angel's use of Facebook as a marketing tool has landed the Alameda County Fair as one of less than 50 businesses that comprise Facebook's US Small Business Council. Facebook has this to say about Angel's social media success: "In 2016, using a combination of carousel and slideshow ads to bring the fair to life, Angel and her team increased their season pass ticket sales from 400 to 1,000." Join Angel for a hands-on session, where you'll make quick and easy Facebook & Instagram posts that look like a graphic designer or video team created them! All skill levels are welcome; all you need is your cell phone!
Animals at Fairs:
Protecting Our Fairs from Extremism
Grand Ballroom Salon C & D
Sarah Conley, Animal Welfare Committee Chair, Circus Fans of America; Mike Bradley, CEO, California Mid-State Fair;

With animal rights organizations impeding our events, what does the future of animals at the fair look like? Learn what’s been attacked, the methods of pressure used by activists, and how to respond as we look at what’s worked at fairs across the country.
It's Just a Stage
You're Going Through
Grand Ballroom Salon G
Karen Quest, Owner, Giddyup Productions

An interactive multimedia program geared for everyone who books and coordinates professional grounds entertainment. We look at stage set ups on fairgrounds across the country, we learn what works and how they do it. Covered are the "Six Esses": signage, seating, scheduling, sound, shade, and stages. You will take away a new understanding of the who, what, who, when and why of grounds entertainment. Let's give your fairgoers the best - together!
Transfer of Ownership
OC Ballroom Salon 2 & 3
Moderated by Rey O’Day, Owner, Wings of Fame Productions
Wanell Costello, CEO, Arizona State Fair; Steven Vartanian, Owner, Vartanian Concession Management; Rich Brander, Owner, Brander Concessions
Service members and fairs come together for a conversation on how to approach this milestone life event. Learn what questions to ask, how transfers impact the fairs along their route, and communication tools that will streamline the process for all involved.
Fairs: The Next Generation
Grand Ballroom Salon A & B

The Young Professionals Initiative invites you to explore opportunities for fairs to engage the younger crowd. Whether it’s recruiting top talent, cultivating future leaders, or just bringing Millenials in the gate, this panel will provide insights on one of the industry’s hottest topics.
3:45 – 5 p.m.

Temporary Labor:
Rising Costs & Limited Availability
OC Ballroom Salon 2 & 3
Teresa Brander, Owner, Brander Concessions; Charlie Boghosian, Owner, Chicken Charlies; Bob Batista, CEO, Western Idaho Fair

Whether business owner or fair, the first face our customers see is likely our least experienced. Learn how to navigate the network of issues surrounding temporary labor including: minimum wage increases, health insurance requirements, H2B Visas, and finding & training employees.

Marketing to the Media:
How to get Attention for Your Event
Grand Ballroom Salon C & D
Margaret Mohr, Deputy General Manager Business & Marketing, California State Fair; Karen Spencer, Owner, KE Spencer Event Marketing

Hear from industry experts on what the media wants to see! Find out what the print, television, digital and radio media needs are - when they need it, building relationships with media for both press and promotions, and what to include in your contracts for entertainers and entertainment exhibits to provide.
Crisis Communication & Planning:
How to be Ready
When Bad Things Happen
OC Ballroom Salon 1
Felisa Cardona, Deputy Public Information Officer, County of San Bernardino; Terry Moore, Communications Director, OC Fair & Event Center; Jennifer Hellman, Marketing Director, San Diego County Fair

Hear lessons learned from the San Bernardino County shooting from featured speaker Felisa Cardona, Deputy Public Information Officer for San Bernardino County. This panel will also provide practical advice on creating crisis communication plans and tips on dealing with the media, the public, and employees during emergencies.
Fairs: There's an App for That
Grand Ballroom Salon G
Alan Phillips, CEO, California Mid-Winter Fair

Affordable and easy-to-use, fair apps allow greater connection with your attendees than ever before. See a full app-building demonstration and receive all of the tools you’ll need to land your fair on guests’ home screens.
Managing Change
Grand Ballroom Salon A & B
Luis Valdivia, Multicultural Marketing Specialist,
San Diego County Fair

Even if you’re a change champion, how do you sell it to your staff and community? Uncover the reasons for resistance to change, how to promote change, and even how to make change a positive event!
5 – 6:30 p.m.
WFA Board of Directors
Meeting & Reception
Gold Key I & II
By invitation only

5:30-6:30 p.m.
Cal Poly Alumni Reception
Platinum Ballroom Salon 1
By invitation only

6:30-8 p.m.

Welcome Reception
Platinum Ballroom Foyer

Join us for an evening of light food and refreshments as we kick-off our 2018 WFA Convention with some of our favorite found space entertainment acts.
Grand Opening:
Achievement Awards Center
Platinum Ballroom Foyer / Salon 3 & 4

Which fair won what? Find out as we cut the ribbon and open the doors to the 2017 Achievement Awards Center, showcasing the best in the business.
8-10 p.m.
YPI Ment-A-Minute
Grand Ballroom Salon E

Newcomers and Namesakes collide in this round-robin networking event. For those under 40, it’s not to be missed!

Thursday, January 4

8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Registration Open
Platinum Ballroom Foyer

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Achievement Awards Center
Platinum Ballroom Salon 3 & 4

Bring the best of the West home to your fair. This is the one place that stealing is encouraged!

8-10 a.m.
Coffee with Winners
Platinum Ballroom Salon 3 & 4

The best part of waking up is…well, coffee. Second best? Learning from the Best in the West while you slowly sip on the best kind of coffee there is: FREE!
8:30 – 9:45 a.m.

Service Member Opening Assembly
Grand Ballroom Salon F

Representatives from all divisions and your elected board leadership will recap 2017 and project for 2018.
Making Attractions out of Mole Hills
OC Ballroom Salon 4
John Steffanic, CEO, Plumas-Sierra County Fair

When your entertainment budget drops to $23,000, how creative can you get? Plumas Sierra County Fair Manager John Steffanic takes the "entertain ourselves" concept to a whole new level. He will share his "every 50 feet"guideline and how he keeps visitors entertained for peanuts. Learn how signage, imaginary attractions, humor and everyday activities make fairgoers feel like they are in a very special place.
How to Read & Understand a
Financial Statement
Grand Ballroom Salon K
Carlene Moore, CEO, Napa County Fair

Knowing the financial health of your organization is key to its success. This session is designed for both staff and board members of fairs and fair foundations. You shouldn't have to be an accountant to understand the financial statements presented at your board meetings. Learn what information needs to be included and simple ways to present it so that you and the public can understand the numbers!
Creative Competitive Exhbits
Grand Ballroom Salon A & B
Charlie Barboni, Fair Manager, Marin County Fair

Back by popular demand! Learn how to develop new competitive exhibit programs (Still Exhibits, Performing Arts, Special Events) and market the programs in the most efficient way in this presentation/workshop.
Tracking Sponsorships
Grand Ballroom Salon C & D
Heather Watson, Marketing Assistant, El Dorado County Fair

Retaining your sponsors will be easier than ever with these proven methods! Learn how to clearly demonstrate the value of your existing partnership, develop pre-fair pep-talks that will encourage fair-time sponsor participation, and after-event aftercare that will keep them coming back for more.
Youth Quality Assurance Training
Grand Ballroom Salon G
Cara White & Paul Kuber, YQCA

The fair industry has established and continues to revise consistent, statewide standards of livestock welfare and management practices for the junior livestock program. These standards will assure livestock product quality, food safety, proper bio-security measures and livestock competition that is educational, fair and ethical. Communication and coordination among the fair industry, livestock industry, youth educators and regulatory bodies will help to accomplish these objectives. The Youth for Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Program is designed to be your reliable, go-to solution for youth quality assurance training and certification requirements.
10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
General Assembly, Annual Meeting, &
State of the Industry
Platinum Ballroom

Go West with WFA President Joe Anderson and the entire fair industry for our first whole-room gathering of the year! Our annual State of the Industry report, featuring leaders from our sister associations, will be followed by one of our most enlightening keynote addresses yet:

Meet Dr Rita Murray, 2018 WFA Keynote Speaker

Generational expert Dr Rita Murray sits down with WFA Communications Director Chris Pickering to discuss her upcoming keynote address at the 2018 Convention & Trade Show. 
Annual Keynote Address:
"Gear Up" to Survive & Thrive in
Your Multi-Generational World
Platinum Ballroom
Dr. Rita Murray

Dr. Rita Murray is back by popular demand from our 2016 Fall Manager’s Conference and she’s bringing with her a big dose of reality on the nonprofit business operations front. Workforce demographic and socioeconomic events continue to collide across our Fairs producing the biggest employment, management and engagement issues ever – a perfect storm of opportunity. And, the changes we are facing won't disappear after a year or two. This isn't the hundred-yard dash, folks. We’re signed up for a marathon. By 2020, Millennials will comprise nearly 50% of the US workforce. More than ever, it is urgent that we understand the ͞new rules of engagement͟ and value the four different generations and the gaps between them, which have many applications and implications -- the ways we buy and sell, lead and follow, communicate, and interact with authority and technology. One area that Dr. Rita will not sugarcoat is the glaring difference between older and younger Millennials – Millennials born 1981-1990 vs. Millennials born 1991-2000 – and the high cost of delay in acknowledging their differences. You will discover how each generation achieved its identity based on numerous variables: work ethic, values, idiosyncrasies, conflict resolution preferences, and styles of managing and being managed. Exploring attitudes that affect team building and on the job work habits, you will hear how to enhance the success of your Fair and all its contingent generational relationships. Determine to become more generationally relevant͟ and make better business decisions. You will gain an understanding of the basic generational differences and how to start developing strategies for working more successfully with members of all five generations. So, don’t just prepare yourself for continued extraordinary challenges. Show up and confidently shout, BRING IT ON!
12:30-4:30 p.m.

WFA Trade Show
Marquis Ballroom

The WFA Trade Show is the place to see and be seen! With four nonstop hours of Trade Show action, you’ll have plenty of time to shop for everything needed for your 2018 fair! Enjoy the latest in greatest in all-things-fair, plus lunch and refreshments in the Coke lounge.
Blue Ribbon Foundation
Silent Auction
Platinum Ballroom Foyer

Bid to win or Buy It Now, the Silent Auction has something for High Rollers and savvy savers alike! With new items each day of the Trade Show, you’ll want to check back often to keep your bid up! All items at auction were donated by your peers, and all proceeds go to the Blue Ribbon Foundation, supporting scholarships, training, and professional services.
4:45 – 6 p.m.
Balancing the Business & Community Aspects of
Your Fairgrounds
Grand Ballroom Salon A & B
Leah Perkins-Hagele, CEO, Washington County Fair; Renee Alexander, Deputy General Manager, Minnesota State Fair

Free facility use for a local law enforcement picnic? We all want to support the communities we’re a part of, but we’re also a business! Find the balance between supporting community organisations and helping your own business thrive.

Effective Fair Employee Onboarding
Grand Ballroom Salon H & J
Bianca Kullback, Director of Human Resources; Evelyn Hernandez, Human Resources Specialist; Alyssa
Turner, Human Resources Specialist, OC Fair & Event Center

Quality customer service starts with adoption of your company’s culture by the multitude of temporary seasonal employees that make your fair a success! Learn what effective onboarding is all about, and empower your temp team with the info and enthusiasm they need to bring your vision to life!

Instabrags vs. Videosnaps:
How & When to Use Both
OC Ballroom Salon 2 & 3
Cassie Roberts Dispenza,
Sr. Partnership & Marketing Director, Saffire

Social Networks, especially Instagram & Snapchat have taken a turn for the similar - it seems like everything you can do on one you can do on the other. So when should you use Instagram and when should you use Snapchat? What are the differentiators that make it worth having both or should you just pick one? Join us to answer these questions and strategize on how to most efficiently put these Millennial and Generation Z-focused apps to work for you!
NICA Membership Meeting
Grand Ballroom Salon K

Go West with NICA West, serving concessionaires from around the industry.
Featured Program Winners
Grand Ballroom Salon G

The best Digital Marketing Campaign and winning Theme Program will be presented by their respective fairs, along with tools to recreate their success at your fair!
Cannabis Events
OC Ballroom Salon 1
Matt Stang, Chief Revenue Officer, High Times; Becky Bartling, CEO, Sonoma County Fair

Last year’s cannabis sessions left convention delegates straining to hear from the hallways, so be sure to arrive early for this year’s session! Event promoters and the fair executives that host them come together for this panel that will address the opportunities and challenges these profitable events present.
6:30-8 p.m.
President’s Reception &
Blue Ribbon Foundation Live Auction
Platinum Ballroom

WFA President Joe Anderson of the Napa Valley Expo invites all attendees to join him for food, fundraising and fun! You won’t want to miss the chance to bid on some spectacular Blue Ribbon Foundation Live Auction items as we raise money for educational programs and scholarships.
8-10:30 p.m.
Entertainment Showcase
Platinum Ballroom

This is your opportunity to see the latest and greatest entertainment available for your fair! Representatives from the Western United States and Canada will gather in one location to enjoy performances hand-selected by a committee of fair industry experts.

Friday, January 5

8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Registration Open
Platinum Ballroom Foyer

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Achievement Awards Center
Platinum Ballroom Salon 3 & 4

Visit the Achievement Awards center and be inspired! Celebrate the accomplishments and milestones from the 2017 fair season and gain valuable insight on ideas that you can use at your own event!

8-10 a.m.
Coffee with Winners
Platinum Ballroom Salon 3 & 4

Free coffee combines with free ideas to ensure you won’t regret waking up early!
8:30-9:30 a.m.
Service Member Division Breakouts

• Carnivals...........................................................Gold Key I & II
• Commercial & Services/Supplies.............Platinum Ballroom 2
• Entertainment................................Platinum Ballroom Salon E
• Food & Beverage...........................Platinum Ballroom Salon F
Fair Area Meetings

• Cascade...................Grand Ballroom Salon A & B
• Central Coast...........Grand Ballroom Salon C & D
• Mother Lode...................Grand Ballroom Salon G
• North Coast...................OC Ballroom Salon 2 & 3
• Sacramento Valley...............OC Ballroom Salon 4
• San Joaquin Valley..............OC Ballroom Salon 1
• Southern..................Grand Ballroom Salon H & J
• Non-California Fairs.......Grand Ballroom Salon K
9:45-11 a.m.

Shift Into
"Generational" High Gear
OC Ballroom Salon 2 & 3
Dr. Rita Murray

This interactive session will help you put a few ͞new rules of engagement into action immediately. When it comes to communicating tactfully, generational savvy affects the communication process. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Rita Murray, will show you how to use generational information to better understand and control your communications across the generations, especially with the younger Millennials and the Cloud Generation. In this session you will learn how to: Speak generational to be and/or remain relevant; Listen to your employees, associates, vendors and public through a generational filter; Identify generational cues; Tap into the win points of all five generations; Use effective strategies to draw out generational excellence in your team; Anticipate future trends and pick up new ideas for communicating your message.
Culture Kitchen: Recipes for
Building a Great Team
Grand Ballroom Salon C & D
Mike Ganino, Culture & Engagement Speaker and Author

In this dynamic session, see how to create a workplace that is fun, fresh, innovative and profitable that will have your employees fired-up to go to work, the competition clamoring to steal your secret sauce and your audience coming back for more.The culture of your team is the heart of your fair business. Yet culture has been reduced to a touchy feely topic left to the HR person.The truth is, your fair's culture is the ecosystem that drives profits, results and audience loyalty. It's what makes your business thrive.Today's leaders are called to curate and cultivate the kind of workplace where people come first. With practical, actionable advice -- I can help you do just that.
Cannabis 101
OC Ballroom Salon 1
John Quiroz, Fairs & Expositions Branch Chief, California Department of Food & Agriculture; Sonya Logman, Deputy Secretary, Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency

With the release of the State’s new temporary regulations guiding the commercial cannabis industry, there’s quite a bit to digest! Learn about the basics of legal cannabis consumption in California, legal requirements for cannabis events and steps your Fair should take to be prepared. From suggested Board policies to how to look up an event organizer license, we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of what you need to know going into 2018.
Guest Mindset:
Presenting & Providing a
Safe Environment for Families
Grand Ballroom Salon H & J
Nick Buffa, Director - Security & Traffic Operations, OC Fair & Event Center

How do you offer reassurance to families that you are hosting a safe event? This session will provide visual and procedural aspects to help build safety confidence in your guests including insight on: Lost children reunification process & procedure; Safety/Security signage & presentation; Pre-employment screening; Event footprint design; and Deterrent vs. Reaction.
Successful Year-Round
Volunteer Programs
Grand Ballroom Salon A & B
Dave Kegebein CEO, Santa Cruz County Fair; Jeannie Kegebein, Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds Foundation; John Kegebein, Volunteer CEO, Ag History Project

Reliant on volunteers for over 75% of their year-round operations, the team from the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds will share with you how to recruit and retain volunteers that will help with everything from admin to finance and maintenance to repairs - and love doing it!

Care & Feeding of Service Members
Grand Ballroom Salon F
Donna Ruhm , Concessions Manager, San Diego County Fair; Corey Oakley , Booking & Marketing, Helm & Sons; Stephanie Janousek, Owner, Fun Biz Concessions; Wanell Costello, CEO, Arizona State Fair

After years of compiling data from each sector of our service membership, the Industry Standards Committee is releasing their findings on how fairs work best together with their business partners. Service member and fair staff alike won't want to miss this groundbreaking session, where everyone is welcome to join the dialogue.
11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
General Session
Platinum Ballroom

Future-Proofing Your Fair
Keynote Speaker: Jim Teece

An inspiring, funny and thought-provoking session! Hear the journey of the Jackson County Fair & Expo in Oregon as they moved from the brink of bankruptcy to sustainable fiscal strength and community leadership by applying ͞Future-Proofing ideas and concepts that will work for any fair. Community expectations have changed, and fairs must change to survive. It takes the entire fair family to ͞Future-Proof successfully, and Jim will show you how they did it. This talk is perfect for Fair CEOs, Board Members, and Service Members alike.
12:30-3:30 p.m.

WFA Trade Show
Marquis Ballroom

Last chance to stroll the Trade Show floor to make sure you haven’t missed anything! Don’t forget to turn in your raffle tickets for your chance to win some great prizes every hour.
Blue Ribbon Foundation
Silent Auction
Platinum Ballroom Foyer

This is your last chance to bid on some fun and unique items while supporting a great cause! Don’t go home empty handed, bid now!
3:45 – 5 p.m.

Get ROIs on CTAs with PPC & UGC! #Huh?
OC Ballroom Salon 1
Steve Richo & Mark O’Shea, Co-founders, Noise New Media

The latest digital & social media marketing initiatives from industry leaders, Steve Richo and Mark O’Shea, Co-Founders of Noise New Media. You’ll learn how the Indiana State Fair created a viral video that landed on Jimmy Kimmel; how to create Facebook custom audiences that you know are interested in your event; the importance of conversion tracking & placing pixels; how to help sponsors integrate with Fair’s digital properties and tips and tricks on how to create killer content that actually makes social media worth it!

Risk Liability
Grand Ballroom Salon C & D
Carolan Ferreria, Owner, Professional Event Services; Joe Ganino, Owner, Blackhawk Protections

From vendors handling cash to fairs deciding on wands vs metal detectors, you'll hear from security experts on how to reduce your business' risk liability.
Working with Community Partners to
Promote Events & Increase Revenue
Grand Ballroom Salon A & B
Angel Moore, Marketing & Communications Manager, Alameda County Fair

Learn to leverage your community partners' existing client lists to increase ticket sales while building stronger bonds with your partners! Whether it's a beer & wine fest or an Ag day, tap into existing networks to bring niche markets to your event!

Grand Ballroom Salon 2 & 3
Don Hillman, Owner, Hillman Consulting; Ken Giordano; Dominic Palmieri, Owner, Odyssey Foods; Rey O'Day, Owner, Wings of Fame Productions

This panel discussion representing fairs, vendors, and guests, moderated by NICA West Council, will dive into what affordability looks like to fairs, vendors, and patrons. What creates affordability? What things take affordability away?

Foundation Fundraising
OC Ballroom Salon 4
Matt Cranford, CEO, Stanislaus County Fair; Michael Bradley, CEO, California Mid-State Fair; David Belmont, President, California Heritage Foundation for California Mid-State Fair

Set your foundation up for success with these fundraising ideas, canvassing annual events/campaigns, continual giving programs, and one-off ideas/events.
5:15-6:15 p.m.

IAFE Zone 8 Meeting
Grand Ballroom Salon K

The best are in the West! Join IAFE Zone 8 Chair Rick Pickering for an update on The Network.
Achievement Awards
Photo Opportunity
Platinum Ballroom Foyer

Dress to impress and pose for the paparazzi as we get ready to celebrate the best in the West!
6:30 – 9 p.m.
Industry Awards Celebration
Platinum Ballroom
Ticket Required

Join us in recognizing the achievements of the award-winning leaders and innovators of our membership. Celebrating the best at WFA, we will present the following honors: the Barham Award for outstanding entrepreneurship; the Merrill Award for innovation and vision in fair management; and the WFA Hall of Fame award honoring individual commitment and service to the fair industry.

Saturday, January 6

8-11 a.m.
Registration Open
Platinum Ballroom Foyer

8-10 a.m.
Coffee & Awards Pickup
Platinum Ballroom Salon 3 & 4

8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Fair Directors & Executives Leadership Workshop
Ticket Required

8:30-10:15 a.m.
Fairs & Foundations Success Stories
Grand Ballroom Salon E
Breakfast included with workshop fee
Dave Kegebein, CEO, Santa Cruz County Fair; Dara Tobias, CEO, San Benito County Fair

One of this century's largest industry trends has been the development of the charitable Fair Foundations, often known as the Friends of the Fair. While this is a great concept, it can lead to challenges if the Fair Board and the Foundation Board have differing priorities. Join us to hear several success stories and strategies to build strong partnerships.
10:15–11:15 a.m.

Fair Directors
Roles & Responsibilities
Grand Ballroom Salon F

Tammy Dennee, Director, Polk County Fair

Fair directors are the cornerstone of the fair sector and in many cases, the board predates professional management. Fair directors have broad responsibility which can conflict with the professional staff, or complicate their roles. This session will examine best practices and provide take home examples of solutions that work!
11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Fair Directors:
Break-Out Meetings
Grand Ballroom Salon F

  • Funding Sources
  • Open Meeting Laws
  • You're a New Board Member, Now What?
  • Sharing of Ideas–what’s working at your fair?
10:15 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Fair Executive Development:
Network Building & Stress Management for your Professional Fair Executive Development
Grand Ballroom Salon C & D

Leadership development isn’t just the board’s job...it’s yours, too. Learn to build your network, both inside and outside the industry, your organization, and your unique community. Understand your role in working with the board, not just working for them. How do you insure that everyone on the team is striving for more? Strategically plan your meetings for optimal productivity. Enhance internal communications. Provide robust orientations. Judiciously navigate situations. Purposefully set goals. These are just a few topics that we’ll cover as you learn to manage your stress when you understand your role as a Fair Executive in development of the leadership of your organization.

11:15 a.m.– 3:15 p.m.
Last Chance Elephant Experience
East Parking Lot
Ticket Required – Space is Limited

Be part of this last chance event at the world famous Johnson family elephant ranch and party with America's biggest stars: The Royal Five - Becky, Tai, Kitty, Tess, & Rosie. You'll enjoy a private behind-the-scenes tour of the stars' home and interact with these majestic creatures first-hand!
Activities will include:

  • An exclusive ' Royal 5' meet-&-greet, complete with autographed DVDs of some of their biggest hits, including Operation: Dumbo Drop, Water for Elephants, and Larger Than Life
  • Private elephant rides (for the last time in California)
  • Help the stars take a bath; a real 'dressing room' experience!
  • Elephant painting
  • An educational overview of elephant care & preservation

All this plus special prizes, lunch, and the opportunity to support these honored members of our fair family as they prepare to leave the Golden State

*WFA will be donating all proceeds from this tour to fund the elephant quarters at their new home

6:30-10 p.m.
Pacific Coast Showmen's Association Banquet & Ball
Grand Ballroom Salon E

Disco theme with cash prizes for Best Dressed & Best Dancers!
6:30 p.m.
7 p.m.
Advance Ticket

At the Door

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