You may have seen this form in the last couple issues of the Fair Dealer. Your support with items and experiences is invaluable in creating exciting auction offerings.

Some of the great donations we’ve already received include limited edition fine art prints, an opportunity to spend the afternoon at Pacific Animal Productions Ranch with Karla Majewski and the ‘girls’ Lily and MoJo, and a one-of-a-kind Mickey Mouse painting by L.A.-native and Sacramento transplant David Garibaldi, who has been featured on America’s Got Talent.

Continue to help us grow the auction by donating online here or sending in this form! Your donations help the Blue Ribbon Foundation provide educational scholarships for fair industry families, bring interns to WFA Convention, and provide incredible keynotes and informative sessions at events each year. The Silent Auction and the WFA Convention Live Auction are the largest fundraisers to champion year-round BRF programs.

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We appreciate your generous support of the industry.