June 2015 celebrates year-round fairground use.
Western Fairs Association and the California Fairs Alliance are working to promote June as California Fairground Appreciation Month to raise awareness of the important role that the state’s 76 fairgrounds play in the year round lives of million of Californians. “Everyone understands fair time,” noted CFA Chair Cliff Munson, “but few, including many of our governmental leaders, realize the year-round impact of our California fair facilities.” The goal is to bring this message to the Capitol and throughout the State during the final month of deliberation of the State Budget which this year, for the first time in four years, contains more than $10 million in new funding for the fair network. Here are the highlights:

WFA Capitol Exhibit:


Assembly member Frank Bigelow stopped to check out WFA’s exhibit outside Governor Jerry Brown‘s office at the Capitol with staffers Liz Waxstein and Jessica Boudevin.

Starting on June 1 and continuing through June 8, CFA has produced a six-panel exhibit highlighting the contributions of fairgrounds in education, emergency services, charity fundraising and events celebrating diversity. The exhibit is just outside the Governor’s office, in a very high traffic flow area, and has been seen by virtually every legislator and key decision maker.


Assembly Joint Resolution 74: Assembly Member Frank Bigelow has introduced AJR 74, commending California’s fairgrounds for their service and positive impact throughout the state. AJR 74 is expected to be taken up for vote in the Assembly and Senate on Monday, June 8. Assemblyman Bigelow will introduce WFA President Troy Bowers on the Assembly floor to say a few words about the importance of California’s fairgrounds. 

Legislative Reception:
Assembly Member Bigelow will be hosting a “fair Fiesta” reception for legislators on Monday, June 8, to reinforce the message that fairgrounds are important year-round resources. WFA and CFA will be providing fair treats, fair fun facts, and the California State Fair will set up its “I love fairs” photo booth.

Media Campaign:

Allen Strategic will be launching a statewide media campaign upon the passage of AJR 74, targeting regions with special facts and quotes regarding the importance of fairgrounds in a wide variety of areas. We need all of our members to be ready to respond to any media requests.


Get involved:

We have created some handouts and suggestions for social media posts and it would be great if you could join in the celebration of California’s fairgrounds! The documents include some photos and fun facts about fairgrounds and events around the state.There are post suggestions highlighting different categories including education, animal adoptions, charity fundraising, and agriculture. 

Please check out the suggestions here! Use them at will, with the hashtag #LoveYourFair and any others that are applicable.
For instance, WFA will post one of the suggestions today for Throwback Thursday:

#TBT to @Jerry Brown and @Sutter Browns visit to the Colusa Farm Show

Important Dates:
June 15: The Constitutional deadline for passage of the State Budget, a budget that we expect will recognize the vital role fairs play in the socioeconomic fabric of California, that will begin infusing new funding into the fair network.
July 1: After approval by the legislature, Governor Brown has until July 1 to sign the budget and approve the funding for fairs.
July 1-31: Thank you month! We expect to be askingt all of you to thank your local Senate and Assembly Members, and Governor Brown, for supporting the California Fair network with much-needed funding!
We will keep you posted!