unnamedBrander Enterprises has been recognized by WFA and their peers with this year’s Barham Award. The company officially incorporated in 2008, but began with the Texas Donut Stand in 1987 operated by Sil and Carol Brander. Their son Rich and his wife Teresa bought the business, which Rich had been working at for a decade at that point, in 1999, expanding in 2004 with the purchase of Brander’s Candy Land Floss stands and the conversion of a stand in order to offer Mini Donuts.
Mini is not a word usually heard at a Texas Donut stand. Texas Donuts, including the most popular Maple Bacon Texas Donut, are approximately eight inches in diameter and have their own unique taste, made fresh throughout the day.

Since purchasing the business more than 15 years ago, Rich and Teresa have expanded its reputation and its activity. They continually update their graphics with enticing photos of new food items, and update the menu to include trendy fair food creations and updated classics (such as Deep Fried Candy bars, Mini Donut Sundaes, FireBall Whisky-infused Donuts, Cherry Poprock Donut, and Caramel Coconut Samoa Donut).
Rich and Teresa have also invested in technological infrastructure and tightened up routing. Learn more about what this second generation business has accomplished, as well as whether the third generation is ready to take over the Donut helm, in the upcoming Fair Dealer Convention Issue.

WFA will recognize the Branders and other award winners at the Industry Awards Celebration on Tuesday, January 5th, 6:30 – 9 p.m.