Western Fairs offers Service Members several important service opportunities including service as a member of the WFA Board of Directors. WFA Directors serve three-year terms and, as a Board, oversee all of the association’s programs and services. The WFA Board meets 3-4 times a year, often by conference call with limited travel expense reimbursement funds available, and participates in monthly conference calls for executive director updates from WFA.

Interested in service as a WFA Director?

There is an open seat and the attached form  will guide you through the process. Simple version? You must be a current member and, not from the Entertainment Division (the two seated Directors, Ken McMeans & Karla Majewski – are Entertainment Division members; let’s share the power!). Use the attached form to recruit 3 members to nominate you and you’re in the running!

Nominations close November 10. If there is more than one nominee, a mail ballot will be sent to all Service Members and will be due back November 30.


Openings in Service Member Divisions

WFA also elects leaders for each of our five Service Member Divisions. This year, the following division seats are up.

  • Entertainment
  • Carnival


The process is very similar. Complete and submit this form to make your nomination known. Nominations are due by November 10 and, should it go to a mail-in vote, ballots will be due by November 30.