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Executive Director

Stephen Chambers

Serves as the secretary to the WFA Board and carries out the policies and practices developed by the association. Responsible for the business conduct of the association, including personnel, contracting and overall operations.
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Meetings &
Trade Show Manager

Liz Waxstein

Plans and oversees implementation of in-person and conference call meetings, including Convention, Fall Conference and Feature Fair Tour. Coordinates association elections, appointments and the development of meeting schedules, agendas and minutes.
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Accounting Manager

Tami Triggs

Manages the association's fiscal operations, contracting, procurement, service contractors and IT. Also serves as the human resources manager.
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Membership Services Manager

Heather Belford

Oversees membership development, retention, and tracking. Manages membership benefits including credentials, subscriptions and business listings.
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Communications Director

Oversees the association's communications plan including publications, website, social media, emails and advertising.

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Western Fairs Association

1776 Tribute Rd., Suite 210
Sacramento, CA 95815
P: (916) 927-3100
F: (916) 927-6397

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